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Teething Rope (£3.79)
63cm Teething Rope
40cm Tugger (£3.50)
40cm Tugger Available in two colours Green/Yellow or Blue/Red
Pack of two squeaking tennis balls available in three colours Pink, Green or Purple
Squeaking Tennis Balls (£2.99)
Floating Balls (£3.60)
Pack of two floating balls. Available in Purple, Green or Pink
Catmostphere - Dispenser Ball
Ideal for Puppies and Cats
Catmosphere Dispenser Ball (£6.99)
Buster Softcube approx 12cm Treat/Food Dispenser 
Suitable for dogs over 10kg
Soft Flamingo Toy (£5.45
Flamingo soft toy - Honks, Crinkle & Rattles 53cm
Durable vinyl football  designed for easy grip,  squeaks for extra fun 
Super Soccer Ball (£5.55)
Spider legs tug and play.  Strong cotton rope twists are attached together with a strong knot  33cm
Spider Legs Tug & Play (£2.39)
Rope Knot Ball (£1.89)
Rope Knot Ball 7cm The softer texture enables dogs to play and chew with ease and also helps to clean teeth and maintain healthy gums
Tough Tug (£5.29)
Tough Tug has a textured surface and is the ultimate challenge for strong pullers. 27cm
Re-Tree-Ver The best stick type of stick to throw & floats on water
Re-Tree-Ver (£5.99)
Soft Laughing Ball Toy (£3.75)
Soft Laughing Ball
Soft Squirrel Toy (£5.99)
Squirrel soft toy 24cm 
Wild scream and squeaker
Soft Monkey Toy (£5.99)
Monkey soft toy 21cm 
Wild scream and squeaker
Soft Multi Squeak Squirrel Toy (£5.99)
Multi Squeak Squirrel 30cm
Flat bodied toy with 8 squeaks
Soft Multi Squeak Monkey Toy (£5.99)
Multi Squeak Monkey 30cm
Flat bodied toy with 8 squeaks
TNT Stick 26cm  Tough durable natural toy,made from Hemp,  helps clean teeth and promotes healthy gums.
TNT Stick (£3.50)
Baby Octopus (£5.60)
Soft Baby Octopus 25cm 
Crinckles & Squeaks
Soft Baby Owl Toy (£4.50)
Stuffed owl with plush textures, 17cm approx.
Rope & Rubber Tugger(£5.50)
A rope and rubber combination,39cm approx.
Large Kong for dog 15-30kg (£9.49)
40cm Play Rope (£3.55)
Multifunction Activity Toy.
40cm Rope Toy with Chew Ring and Chew Bone
30cm Tugger (£1.90)
30cm Rope Tugger toy
Gor Hugs Congo Family (£6.35)
28cm Soft Plush Squeaky Toy
Soft Multi Squeak CowToy (£5.30)
Multi Squeak Cow 30cm
Flat bodied toy with 8 squeaks
Soft Gor Wild Cow Toy (£5.30)
Cow soft toy 24cm with squeaker
Spikey Pink Ball (£3.99)
8cm Bright Pink Spikey Ball
Bright Stripe Bone (£4.00)
Squeaky Rope Tug Toy (£4.50)
Gum Gum Cookie (£4.95)
Gum-Gum Cookie - 25cm Raw Rubber Chew Toy With Hemp Strap
Squeaky Rope 45cm Tug Toy
Bright Stripe Bones, 33cm Squeaky Soft Toy
Animal Tug (£4.15)
Animal Tug 31cm Sueaky Soft Tug Toy