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Fleece harness select colour & size:
Fleece leads select colour & size:
A new range in fleece harnesses and leads providing comfort for both dog and handler.
Size 3 43 - 61cm
Size 4 48 - 66cm
Size 5 53 - 77cm
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Dog fleece harness
Dog fleece harness and lead
Clix 5m recall line
Clix 5m recall line (£9.99)
Adjustable Collar Size 2-5 (£3.99)
Adjustable Collar Size 5-10 (£4.25)
Nylon Adjustable Collar Size 2-5 (30cm - 50cm) Available in three colours Red, Blue, Black
Nylon Adjustable Collar Size 5-10  Available in three colours Red, Blue, Black
Size 2-5 (30cm - 50cm) Adjustable collar with reflective bones and paw prints design. Available 
in Red and Blue
Reflective Adjustable Collar Size 2-5 (£5.50)
1.8 metre Nylon lead with padded handle. Available in Black, Red or Blue.
Padded Nylon Lead (£8.75)
Reflective Rope Lead 44" (£6.80)
1.1m reflective rope lead 
Available in Red Blue or Black
Retractable Lead (£18.99)
Rope Slip Lead Lead 72" (£5.49)
72" Rope Slip Lead available in Green, Tan, or Silver
Size 2-5 (30-50cm) Cotton Stripe Adjustable collarSize 2-5 (30-50cm) Candy Pink Check Adjustable collar
Adjustable Collar Size 2-5 (£5.50)
Sparkley Paw Crock collar select size:
Pink Sparkley Croc Collar
Size 1 - 30cm
Size 3 - 40cm
Ancol Nylon Collars
Size 2 - to fit 26-31cm
Size 3 - to fit 28-36cm
Size 4 - to fit 35-48cm
Ancol Nylon Collars
Small Bite Puppy Collar & Lead Set (£5.75)
Clix 10m recall line (£14.99)
Classic Flexi Lead Medium/Large Max 50KG
Tape lead 5 Meter
Red, Blue or Black
Reflective Puppy Collar and Lead Set