Luggage Tag (£1.99)
Sports Water Bottle (£4.50)
BCTGB sports water bottle
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Luggage Tag
Sheep Wine Bottle Stopper
Sheep Wine Bottle Stopper (£4.25)
Good Shepherd Tea Towel
Good Shepherd Tea Towel, 100% cotton (£5.99)
'Put it back it's mine' luggage tag
Luggage Tag (£1.50)
Iron on Rhinestone Coloured Crystal  garment decoration 
4" x 6"
Rhinestone Crystal Garment Decoration (£10.99)
Rhinestone Crystal Garment Decoration (£6.49)
Iron on Rhinestone Clear Crystal  garment decoration 
2" x 3"
Border Collie Garment Patch (£3.99)
Border Collie Emroidered iron-on sew-on Garment Patch 
7cm x 5cm
Merle Sheepdog Garment Patch (£3.99)
Merle Sheepdog Emroidered iron-on sew-on Garment Patch 
7cm x 5cm
3D Wall Art Picture
40cm x 30cm
Superb 3D Lenticular Image
3D Wall Art Picture (£4.95)
BCTGB Lanyards (£1.99)
BCTGB Lanyard
Playing Cards (£2.99)
Border Collie Playing Cards
Standard 52 cards
Collie & Sheep Socks (£5.99)
Collie & Sheep Socks 
Size 6-11
65% Cotton 33% Nylon 2% Elastane
Collie & Sheep Tie (£9.99)
Collie & Sheep Tie
Border Collie Wooden Plaque (£8.95)
5" Square Border Collie Wooden 
Plaque. Can be hung or free standing
Border Collie Slim LED Torch (£4.95)
Border Collie LED Slim Torch
Ideal for the car, wallet or handbag 8.5cm x 5cm
3D Border Collie Lead Hanger (£6.95)
3D Border Collie Plastic Lead/Collar Hanger
Border Collie Light Catcher (£11.95)
Border Collie Acrylic Light Catcher Diameter 20cm