Our Fundraising Complaints Procedure

Complaint is made to Charity           OR            Complaint is made to Fundraising Regulator.

Referred to Complaints Coordinator (B. Wilkes)

Attempt to reach resolution

Complainant happy with outcome?  Yes - end of process


Complaint referred to Fundraising Regulator.

Fundraising Regulator seeks resolution with all parties

Are both parties happy with resolution? Yes - end of process


Referrred to Fundraising Regulator

Fundraising Regulator upholds or rejects complaints.

End of process

If the compliant is upheld by the Fundraising Regulator they may decide that no further action is required or to censure the charity and to prescribe one of the following sanctions:

1. The Charity should apologise to the complainant

2. The Charity should provide additional training for the fundraiser concerned.

In more serious cases or repeated complaints

1. The Charity may be required to desist from using the fundraising method or the conduct subject of the complainant.

2. The Charity should withdraw, change or reprint may fundraising materials which were subject of the complaint.

3. In more serious cases or where unacceptable practises have continued membership will be withdrawn.

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