Collie Care Fund

Every so often we are approached by other rescues, organisations or individual owners concerning a collie that needs urgent veterinary or other financial help and through one reason or another that money is not available.

We have usually offered to take the dog into our centre knowing that due to the goodwill of our 
vet we may be able to deal with the medical issues a lot cheaper than perhaps elsewhere.

That's all well and good where there is no owner and the dog can be moved to our centre, but how do you help in those situations where there is an owner who may face having to consider euthanasia for their pet due to an inability to pay or where a collie cannot be moved and requires immediate or emergency veterinary care.

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary at Colton in 2007 we introduced our own Collie Care Fund, its aims are simply to assist any collie in need of urgent veterinary or associated care where its owner is unknown or unable to fund all the cost. Funding is being utilised from the commission we receive from PetPlan Insurance as a result of owners of dogs homed from us taking out an insurance policy. 

The resources of the fund are limited and will be subject to careful scrutiny. Written advice must be obtained from the Vet concerned outlining the needs of the collie, the total cost (and the proportion being provided by the owner, where an owner is known). 

If you or someone you know wishes to apply for support from the Collie Care Fund please contact our office on 01889 577058 to discuss further.

If you would like to make a donation to this fund we would welcome any support. You can send a cheque payable to Border Collie Trust GB to Border Collie Trust GB, Heathway, Colton, Rugeley, WS15 3LY


You can donate online through JustGiving using the link below

Below are a few examples of the financial help this fund has been able to offer:-

2008 - Another collie received injuries in a road collision and his owner was unable to receive help, despite being on benefits. The Collie Care Fund, along with other donations from rescues and organisations meant the dog was able to receive all the veterinary help it needed.
2007 - A young collie bitch had been born with ectopic ureters which as the dog developed resulted in constant "accidents" around the home. Faced with a bill of over £2500 her owners were lucky enough to have an understanding vet and the contribution the Collie Care fund made towards their expenditure was very gratefully received. 

We received the photo (left) and a lovely card at Christmas 2007 from her owners who said,
 " We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you most heartily for the special gift you gave to us. Without your help our little Poppy wouldn't be here today as many thought we should have her put to sleep. We can't express, or show how much your gesture of kindness means to us and this card only shows a small amount of it." 
2009 - Jade a young collie received serious leg injuries in a road collision resulting in a 10 day stay in veterinary care and considerable treatment. The Collie Care Fund, with other donations from rescues and organisations and an understanding vet, meant the dog was able to receive all the veterinary help it needed and made a good recovery.
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2012 - A young puppy was rescued from poor conditions in Wales and found to have a seriously injured hind leg that had not been treated. The only option was to have the leg amputated and The Collie Care Fund was able to meet the costs.
2012 - We were contacted by a family whose collie was having increasing seizures and required specialist treatment to establish the cause. The Collie Care Fund assisted towards the costs. Unfortuately the cause was found to be a tumour and despite further treatment she sadly lost her fight a few weeks later.
2012 - We were contacted by a family whose young pup, River (right), had been lethargic for a short while and they'd been quoted between £400 and £700 for potential surgery in Vets costs. Due to their own ill health and financial situation they were faced with a very difficult decision. The Collie Care fund was able to arrange for our Vet to treat River and after an overnight stay and minimal treatment she was back home fit and well the following day.
2014 - We were contacted by the owner of Poppy (left) who has an immune disorder that attacked her joints causing arthritis. The Collie Care Fund assisted with Vets bills to help stabilise her condition. Despite a temporary set back when they tried to reduce her medication she is enjoing life